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The Conference on Post-Seed Round Funding
December 1st, 2016 - San Francisco

Confirmed Speakers

  • Aydin Senkut
    Aydin SenkutFelicis Ventures
  • Jeff Lawson
    Jeff LawsonTwilio
  • Byron Deeter
    Byron DeeterBessemer Venture Partners
    • Dan Scheinman
      Dan ScheinmanOwner, SF Giants/Angel investor

    What is Post.Seed?

    The mission of the third annual “Post-Seed” Conference is to bring together the best and brightest minds around early-stage financing for a one-day focused event, targeting investors, early-stage founders, and members of the startup press.

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    Media Partners

    The Village

    969 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Quotes From Our Speakers

    • The Post.Seed Conference is the very first event of its kind. Startups seem to make or break their future in the post-seed gap, but financing is becoming so difficult to secure during this period. We can see this trend having a huge impact on the future of tech entrepreneurship, and we want to see what the best minds have to say about it.

      Paul MartinoBullpen Capital
    • This gap is a new phenomenon, making it unfamiliar ground for both entrepreneurs and investors to navigate. But it’s a reality that’s not going away. In order to understand how to build the best startups, we need to address how to get through this stage. For early-stage founders and investors, the perspectives on financing and the networking opportunities will be invaluable.

      Bambi FranciscoVator

    Attend the Conference Now

    Join us for the inaugural “Post-Seed” Conference brought to you by Bullpen Capital & Vator. If you are an early-stage investor, early-stage founder, and/or members of the startup press, this event is for you.
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