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Post.Seed Conference Agenda/Schedule

Post.Seed Conference Agenda/Schedule

8:00AMRegistration (with light breakfast and coffee served)
8:55AM–9:00AMOpening RemarksBambi Francisco (Vator), Paul Martino (Bullpen), Brandon Zeuner (Venture51), Ryan Swagar (Venture51), Semil Shah (Haystack)
9:00AM – 9:45AMSession One – John Doerr Keynote Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital)John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins)
9:45AM–10:10AMSession Two – What happens when the music stops? Alastair Goldfisher (Venture Capital Journal)Jenny Fielding (Techstars), Rebecca Lynn (Canvas Venture Fund), Andre Gharakhanian (Silicon Legal Strategy), Paige Craig (Arena Ventures), Satya Patel (Homebrew)
10:10AM–10:45AMSession Three – Founders Lessons Learned Duncan Davidson (Bullpen Capital)Josh Viner (Wag), Matt Munson (Twenty/20), Marcelo Camberos (Ipsy), Alex Chung (Giphy), Aaron Batalion (Lightspeed Venture Partners)
10:55AM–11:20AMSession Four – Making the cut Connie Loizos (StrictlyVC) Jenny Lefcourt (, Jamie Davidson (Redpoint), Larry Marcus (Walden Venture Capital), Eric Wiesen (Bullpen), Peter Pham (Science)
11:20AM–11:45PMSession Five – Post-Seed CEOs Cory Johnson (Bloomberg)Eric Jennings (Filament), Drew Uher (Homelight), Matt Straz (Namely), Sunil Rajaraman (Scripted), Scot Chisholm (Classy)
1:15PM-2:00PMSession Six – Alfred LinBambi Francisco (Vator)Alfred Lin (Sequoia Capital)
2:00PM–2:25PMSession Seven – What Unicorns looked like at Series A/Post-Seed Alex Konrad (Forbes) Tod Francis (Shasta Ventures), Jed Katz (Javelin Venture Partners), Christine Herron (Intel), Tom Loverro (IVP), Matt Mazeo (Lowercase Capital)
2:25PM–3:10PMSession Eight – Scott Kupor  Semil Shah (Haystack)Scott Kupor (Andreessen Horowitz)
3:40PM–4:25PMSession Nine – Vinod Khosla Bambi Francisco (Vator)  Vinod Khosla (Khosla Ventures)
4:25PM–4:30PMClosing Remarks
4:30PM–6:00PMHappy Hour
Post.Seed Conference Agenda/Schedule